Useful Sites and Blogs

Here is a list of sites and blogs that may be useful to you as a resource. Although most of these pages relate to NNEST issues, NESTs are strongly encouraged to participate. The fight for professional equity affects all of us!

This blog features interviews with the “NNEST of the month.” Whenever you need inspiration, encouragement, or ideas for equity or advocacy, check it out! The Blog’s editorial team is composed of some of the brightest stars (NESTs and NNESTs) fighting for equity in TESOL.

This is the blog for the Non-Native Language Educators’ Issues Interest Group (California TESOL). If you become a member, you can participate in online discussions with other members.

This is the site for TESOL, Inc. Becoming a member (if you can afford it) can be very rewarding.

You can become involved with the Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL Interest Section and have access to the NNEST Newsletter, which is always interesting:

In addition, you can access the NNEST bibliography, which includes issues of equity:

This is a link to the NNEST entry in Wikipedia.

This is the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. They do not have a Special Interest Group for professional equity or for NNESTs. Maybe you can make that happen?

This is a blog that sometimes reflects on issues of discrimination.


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