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The unequal treatment of teaching professionals based on culture or language of origin must stop, for it reflects poorly on the field of TESOL while it undermines the work of great professionals (NESTs and NNESTs).

This website exists with the sole purpose of raising awareness and motivating every student and teaching professional to apply some of the knowledge and strategies suggested here to work toward the end of inequity in the field of TESOL.

Blanca Coma

Originally from Spain, Blanca has lived in San Francisco for almost twenty years. She graduated in Comparative Literature (Spanish and English) from UC Berkeley and holds a MA in TESOL from San Francisco State University.

She has always been interested in teaching. Her passion for TESOL is strongly anchored to her personal experience as a multilingual language learner. She is particularly interested in multilingual approaches to TESOL, Generation 1.5 students, and best practices for written and oral feedback. In addition she studies the NNEST movement and fights for professional equity in the field. She hopes to remain an active member of the teaching community for many years to come.

You can contact Blanca by sending her an email to blancacomatesol@gmail.com

You can also follow her on Twitter: @blancacoma

To learn more about Blanca’s TESOL interests, please go to http://blancacoma.myefolio.com


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